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Partnership For Drug Free Kids
Partnership For Drug Free Kids

"Have a conversation, not a confrontation," is great advice from experts.  We're attaching a good guide from the Partnership For Drug Free Kids, on how to talk to your kids. (More resources from Partnership For Drug Free Kids.)

Early intervention could be critical to prevent your adolescent from "experimenting" or developing a more serious "habit."  If you suggest a drug test and the child agrees, you can decide which kind of test you may want to have them take.


The American Academy of Pediatrics

  The American Academy of Pediatrics, along with many other national organizations, advises against involuntarily drug testing adolescents.  They do provide guidance on how parents and clinicians can manage if an adolescent refuses a drug test and that would be with consequences back to the teen (such as driving privileges suspended).

  Know the facts. Coming to the discussion well informed will enhance your credibility with your teenager.  You will be better able to spot problems in the early stages, when they are most treatable.  The U.S. Department of Education recommends, at a minimum, that parents should know:

  • The different types of drugs and their street names.
  • What each drug and any associated paraphernalia looks like.
  • The physical and behavioral signs of drug abuse.
  • How to get a child help if you suspect that he or she has a substance abuse problem.
  • While drug testing your teen at home for drug use, may seem like a straight forward way to get an answer, it is probably not the best way.  

If drug testing is called for...

  • You and your pediatrician can work together to ensure you get reliable results.
  • Make sure your teens sample is carefully collected and handled by an experienced certified laboratory.
  • Guard against human error or false positives.
  • Be certain the results are properly recorded and kept confidential.
  • Remember that a lab test is just one measure of drug use.  Your pediatrician also will take into account your teen's behavior.

 At, we can help you with your sensitive and timely issue.  We can work with your pediatrician, should you choose, to privately and confidentially provide a drug screen that is carefully and professionally collected and tested at a certified SAMHSA Laboratory.  When you order a drug screen through, only you will have the results and can share with whom you choose to.

  Please call or email if you have any questions or need additional information.