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Wednesday, August 21 2019

Have you seen the latest headlines?

Florida teens say vaping caused lung to collapse: I couldn't breath.

Officials: Nearly 100 cases of a mysterious lung illness could be linked to vaping.

North Texas teens lung collapse leads to heartfelt warning about vaping.

Wisconsin - Teens are being hospitalized for lung damage after vaping.

NBC News - 22 people have been hospitalized with vaping-linked breathing difficulties.

A Texas teen was hospitalized due to vaping.

New York Times - Dozens of young people hospitalized for breathing and lung issues due to vaping.

Fox News - Dozens of midwest teens who reported vaping hospitalized with lung issues that are stumping doctors.

Healthline - Eleven teens and young adults have been hospitalized possibly due to vaping.

Please warn your adolescents about the danger of vaping.  Although, many adults have not experienced any issues with Vaping, it seems to affect some teens differently.   

Links to stories below:

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