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Saturday, February 29 2020

Center for Disease Control reports Teen age suicides have increase In children age 10-24 years old suicides increased 56%.

In teens age 15-19 suicides increased 76%.

The rate of increase was 10% between 2014-2017.  It had been 3% previously.

According to the CDC's Risk Youth Behavior Report:

  • 2% of Teenagers 14-18 seriously considered suicide
  • 6% had a serious plan to commit suicide
  • 4% attempted suicide at least once
  • 4% attempted suicide and were injured during the process
  • 5% felt very sad and felt hopeless

Most feel the potential causes for suicide are:

  • The opioid crisis
  • Cyberbully
  • Technology  / Social Media
  • Increased reporting due to less stigma


Monday, February 03 2020

We get this question daily.  How do I really know if my child is vaping?

Parent Drug Testing offers a Vaping Panel for either urine or hair.

Our Vaping Panel includes:

Our Vaping Panel Includes: 


Propylene Glycol


And  flavorings

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