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Saturday, June 15 2019

Such a sad story.  Two Brothers, Ages 19 and 18 die on the same day after experimenting with Oxycodone.  Both were healthy athletes that died due to their experimenting.

See Story Published in USA Today Below:


If you have any questions about drugs, drug abuse or need help, please call 800-338-5515 or email  For some great resources to address Teen Drug Use/Abuse visit 


Monday, June 10 2019

Our most viewed resource is an article from Web MD: When Teens Lie About Drugs: A Guide For Parents.  

The 6 Tips for Parents of Teens:

1. Trust your instinct

  You might think you are being obsessive or hypersensitive, but trust your gut.  Make it as easy as possible to have        your teens talk to you

2. Educate yourself

     Its impossible to know everything.  Use websites such as,, or    to educate yourself so you know what your are dealing with now and what maybe coming.

3 Don't take it personally

     Your emotional response is understandable.  Your goal is corrective behavior or your desired outcome.


4 Get Help

     Drug Abuse requires expertise most parents don't have.  This isnt time to hide the issue;

5 Leave Room to Rebuild Trust

     This is tough situation to address, but the experts say theri needs to be a balance between safe space for the              child with boundaries and limits.

6 Expand Your Parenting Style

     The experts say don't be overly permissive or overly aggressive.  To resolve the issue - vary your parenting style.

See article in link below:

Or find more valuable resources at Parent Drug Testing Resouces with this link

If you have any questions or need additional information orhelp call 800-338-5515 or